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Last updated - August 2nd, 2016

Windows 10
Free Upgrade is over

Microsoft has confirmed the free Windows 10 upgrade (for customers with Windows 7 or 8) ended on July 29, 2016 and has not been extended. 

Our cost of Windows 10 licenses is higher than was Windows 7 thus there will ultimately be a premium price for Windows 10.  To minimize and delay the impact of that price differential we have prepared a number of systems in advance with Windows 7 and performed the free upgrade to Windows 10 and will hold our pricing as long as we can.

Notebook/Laptop systems are already priced with Windows 10 included so these are not affected by this change.

Microsoft have announced an upgrade price of $119 US$ which would translate to a cost of roughly $149 Canadian for users that did't take advantage of the free upgrade by July 29th.
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