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Power Equipment

Pricing and availability as of January 3rd, 2017

Celebrating our 30th Year in Business in 2017!
(subject to change without notice)

Brand and Description Notes Price
UPS Backups
American Power UPS 450 In Stock $89
American Power UPS 550 In Stock $99
American Power UPS 1000 In Stock $199
American Power UPS 1500 Special Order $295
Power Supplies
EVGA ATX 400 Watt In Stock $59
Antec ATX 380 Watt In Stock $79
EVGA ATX 500 Watt In Stock $89
Thermaltake Smart ATX 550 Watt Special Order $98
Thermaltake Smart ATX 650 Watt Special Order $118
Surge Bars
American Power PER7 Surge Bar In Stock $19.95